Moving Forward

So after all that panic i managed to finish all my work and pass the first stage of the course! Well done to me! I’m now looking ahead to the beginning of our individual pathways….Moving images and Photography, in which i will be able to take control of a camera and take some sick photographs!


Final week: Moving images and photography!!

The week I have been waiting for!! Looking at other artists my eyes have been opened to the amount of animation there is as well as the amount you can do with it as a creator or artist. In the first couple of days we stuck to research as well as then being given the word we would use as the basis for our own animations…….BRAKE or BREAK!!

So many choices however in the end my group and myself decided upon Breakfast, looking at how it moved how it worked.

Making my body adornment!

Through the designing process I finalised my idea! This being a back piece that wraps around your body, incorporated in this there will be tubing that will run across the back of the piece, this will hold heat strips aiding my people with warmth when needing it most as well as aiding as rock solid armour if in any danger!

Using pliable mesh I began to shape my piece:


I began to sow pleats into the shoulders and began to slice into the sides of the mesh creating an almost rib cafe type look:


My piece then began to take shape. From this I then took the back of the mesh and cut it down forming a point at the end, this would then sit roughly on the bum of the person wearing the adornment:


The last day of making and I final placed on the silver tubing that would represents my heat tubes and strong protection!!




At this point it looked great I was really happy with the whole aesthetic of the piece! I then needed to form a piece to go across the front that would then aid in keeping the adornment attached to the body.


However I didn’t like this it looked messy and didn’t got with the asthenosphere of the piece, therefore with left over tubing I began to attach strips that would then become a harness to stay on the body! See in Image below:


In doing this my piece was complete! I was so happy with it and it turned out the way I had imagined! I know hope that the photo shoot goes well and the piece fits and looks good on the model!


This week was all about creating a body adornment. In order to do so we began the process by looking at the variety of disasters that can occur within the world currently and what could take place within the future! I chose a mass Robot attack!!!! In choosing this I then created three mood boards that’s would narrate my environment.




These mood boards would then from the basis of my character that my body adornment would be for. It was interesting working with collage again as I was able to freely place material where I wanted it, therefore enabling me to create a representation of my city, robots and people.

From this I then began to think of designs to protect my character from the environment they were being forced to live within.

Finally finished My Feet!

In melting each soul and toe I then by the end of Thursday had my 4 feet that would form my final piece. The one below being the largest of the 4.


However in looking at them within formation I felt the piece needed more depth and story! Therefore throughout Friday morning I placed the feet around the college campus, outside, going up stairs, climbing walls, within the library. In doing this I found that when placed in a natural and very literal space, the rather comical looking feet seem to be quite distinctive, particularly in the way they stick out or hide themselves when on different areas.





This was an interesting piece of work to do, showing ‘traces’ in both a literal and metaphorical manor!


Fine Art!

The weeks word was ‘traces’ looking both at what was around you and what had been (past and present) with my piece I decided to loon at both as though I was presenting a time line I would look at the growth of feet. These feet of different sizes would be placed up against a wall as a final piece in order to no only create the sense of movement but also the ability to make the onlooker reminisce about their own childhood and the experiences they went through in growing up! In looking at this concept I made three prototypes.


In doing this I then went into the workshop on the Thursday and began shaping at cutting out the feet and toes I would use for my final piece. These were made out of a special foam like material that was easily meltable, this being the way in which I cut each of the shapes out.

Visual Communications Continued


My final piece wasted using the black card within the book, wrapped in a thick layer of cardboard to give it more of a finished look. When looking through the book I produced a story line that presets people with a question, this being the reason for the front cover. Overall I’m happy with my book however it needed to have more context within it using the text I produced earlier on in the week!

Overall a good week and loo forward to fine art!