Focus Pull….It begins!

We’ve had a week off and its now time to knuckle down and begin to use my creativity exploring both mind and soul!


We begin with ‘Focus Pull’. A week long project focusing on the style of montage. divided into groups we were given a functional space that we then had to re-create through the use of 50 photographs taken with an ever day digital camera.

Now i know what your thinking…’What space have you been given?’… but unfortunately for you I’m going to make you wait until the big reveal at the end of the week!

Carrying on….the space we’ve been given developed into what we felt was a ‘none space‘. A minimalistic, clean space in which the general public will come and go all around the clock as well as all around the world. With our space also being a well-known general area we needed to take key aspects that were relatable from the viewers perspective. A brainstorm has been made and many of the objects were glass objects, lights and chairs. Overall the final piece needed to show minimalism as well as then correspond to its natural environment. Exploring the campus i found it interesting finding images that we could then take out of its own context. For example, like making a plant pot into a toilet. Its all about developing the way we think about an object and how we then place it with other images surrounding it, a fully loaded mind fuck!