Ghost Trees

Wow! this is something that goes against all that is natural. From a viewers perspective you still manage to see the image for what it is even though it has been heavily edited and altered. Truly inspirational collection of work.

Moss and Fog

Disturbing the Spirits is a series by photographer Ellen Jantzen. The project used images of trees, digitally altered to look ethereal, spirit-like and mysterious. Via MyModernMet:

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Before the Cheese

Instead of exploring what happens during, its the ritual of what happens before, getting ready for that big ‘Cheese’!

Nonlinear Navigations: Poetry and Prose

Sometimes my favorite
photographs are of
the moments just before the
“cheese,” when bodies are still
being rearranged, each smile fully
genuine, and wandering
gazes, not yet focused
on the lens, tell
stories more mysterious
than the frozen poses captured
seconds later. 

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